CCS Technology was established in 1988 in England to provide specialist control systems design, software and manufacture for industrial machinery. Since that time the company has continued steady growth, building a team of professional electrical and software engineers focusing on control systems for industrial applications.

SyncroSpeed: Plastic Injection Moulding Energy Saving Modules

SyncroSpeed is the most effective energy saving retrofit that an injection moulder can buy. It is sold worldwide and offers exceptional energy saving potential to moulding companies throughout the world. Savings of over 50% are often achieved. SyncroSpeed is the global leader in it’s field and CCS Technology looks forward to further developing the significant install base of energy efficiency controls in the injection moulding industry.

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Rodamas Group was founded in 1972. Currently operating in 2 factories; Pulo Gadung and Karawang which were setup in 1986 and 2000 respectively, specialized in printing and packaging technology development, Rodamas Group has today become one of the most comprehensive printing and packaging materials manufacturing company in the Asia Pacific region.

ABL & PBL and Sugar Cane, Wood & Paper Based Laminate Webs

Our key products are packaging for food, home/personal care, bi-layer laminates for eco friendly sachet, special shaped pouches, multi layered laminates for large and heavy duty packaging among others including pharmaceutical products. Our innovations include the production of bio-films made from ethanol derived from sugar canes and we serve the market helping to keep ecological balance intact. Also; we continuously develop environment-friendly packaging solutions as laminates produced based on wood, paper and many other materials.

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Sociedade Artística M.Q.M Lda.

We design and manufacture caps, shoulders & closures for tubes used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial and food markets and for other packaging industries. We have more than 50 years of experience with highly skilled employees and advanced technology & automation systems. We are the leader in the production and sales of caps, shoulders & closures in the Portuguese and Spanish Markets, in addition to that; we are exporting our products to many countries as well. Our production capacity is more than 150 million parts per year. We have two production sites in Europe as in Spain and Portugal.

Caps, Shoulders & Closures For Tubes and Other Packaging Industries

Our products; caps, shoulders & closures for all areas of application as standard products or custom-made according to the customers' specifications, also in two-component technology. We have a huge portfolio of caps, shoulders & closures with several formats and dimensions. Our capability of manufacturing in PE and PP derivatives with a rich color diversity and also our product development competence on bioplastics are important for us to be able to answer the needs of our clients as required. We design and produce caps for closed mouth, opened and metallic cannula, plastic cannula (3 parts) with the possibility of additional cannulas. We also have a fully in-house ability of designing, producing and developing special moulds under client request.

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HZMR Packaging is a main producer of tube laminate webs (ABL, PBL, MPET) and flexible packaging in China, offering virtually all types of laminated web stocks, roll stocks & preformed pouches. With over 30 years experience, they serve countless clients in industries of food & beverage, beauty & cosmetic, personal care, household chemicals, pharmaceutical, active & intelligent packaging, etc.

ABL & PBL and MPET Laminate Webs

Their featured products are ABL & PBL and MPET laminate webs, besides; perforated film for oxygen scavenger & desiccant and high barrier packaging for food & snack, in addition to; sauce & spices packaging. Since their inception, they have been quality driven and client focused. Prime raw materials, modern factory equipped with advanced technologies, highly trained and experienced employees and stringent quality control systems together ensure them to provide all their clients: high quality products, competitive pricing, timely delivery and professional service.

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Alonarti envases, S.A.U

We design and manufacture collapsible and rigid aluminium tubes for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial and food markets. We have more than 60 years of experience with highly skilled employees and advanced technology & automation systems. We are the leader in aluminium tubes production and sales in the Portuguese and Spanish Markets, in addition to that; we are exporting our products to many countries as well. Our production capacity is more than 200 million aluminium tubes per year. We have two production sites in Europe as in Spain and Portugal.

Collapsible & Rigid Packaging Tubes Made of Aluminium

We continue to grow and to develop each year, always assuming RDI as our engine for continuous improvement. Currently we are involved in two innovative projects about artificial vision and bioplastic caps. Certification ISO 9001:2015: We are focused in total quality, both in products and services. We only work with raw materials of high quality in accordance with the current regulamentations (REACH, Apte for Food, Cosmetic Regulation, etc.). Order tracking since the purchase order reception to the delivery in client´s facilities. Very high quality controls, during manufacturing processes and final control in accordance with ISO:2859. Main quality controls: visual, dimensional, adhesion and polymerization of internal lacquer, aluminium strength, hermeticity, decoration resistance, etc. Continuous Improvement Process to ensure and increase our effectiveness, productivity, growth and development. Artificial vision: Implementation of a custom-developed software in collaboration with a technological center with the target of guaranteeing the 100% quality in our aluminium tubes and mainly avoiding decoration defects.

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ZALESİ a.s. Packaging Division

The Packaging Division is part of the growing and dynamic Zálesí a.s. company. It is an important European producer of laminate tubes for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. They have over 30 years of experience and have produced more than 1 billion laminate tubes so far. They have gained the trust of more than 150 long-standing customers from over 17 European countries.

Packaging Tubes Made of ABL & PBL Laminates

Their laminate tubes are produced in a sanitary environment which makes them the correct supplier even for the most demanding clients. This includes clients engaged with pharmaceutical and food products. They are also ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. They are a major European producer of laminate tubes and have been producing tubes since 1989 as focused on the aspects of; superb quality, above standard flexibility and delivery terms, wide product range, customer orientation and customer service, top hygienic standards.

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MPACK Poland SP. Z O.O.

MPACK is a family company that has been working for over 15 years to produce the best, reliable packaging for companies operating in the cosmetics, parapharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food and household chemicals industries. Ever since the company was established, it has been the goal to manufacture and supply top quality packaging. They are proud that despite the dynamic development of the industry, they are still able to fulfill this mission. For this reason, they have implemented ISO 9001.

Packaging Tubes Made of PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MONO or CO-EX Body, PCR and Sugarcane

They have the strong reputation of a reliable supplier specializing in the production of PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MONO or CO-EX Body tubes. They also care about the natural environment, which is why they have introduced ecological tubes into their offer – they are made of eco-polyethylene (SUGARCANE) and recycled plastic (PCR). They are able to complete even the most sophisticated orders, owing to the professionalism and excellence of their employees and investments in their modern machinery park. All in total allows them to meet even the most technologically advanced requirements of their customers.

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GAOCHI Technology Co. Ltd

Gaochi Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2000, has been focusing in EDM field to supply EDM wires, wire electrodes, filters, ion exchange resins and all other consumable materials besides all kinds of EDM machines spare parts. We're proud to be appreciated by our customers due to our efforts in technology & service, reducing costs and improving the job efficiency.

Wire-EDM Wires, Consumable Materials & Spare Parts

Our wires’ stability being a key factor in the EDM industry, our engineers are continuously striving to maintain a reliable developing and manufacturing process meant to maximize stability and consistency. Our R&D teams continuously study new material structures to gain additional speed performance and cut precision to improve productivity. Besides, we're specialized in developing & production of spare parts, wear components and system supports for Wire EDM machines.

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Mipalloy is a four decades old manufacturing company in the line of copper & copper alloys, among the most preferred names in its regions of activity. Our products are considered as benchmark for quality in respective lines. Besides being a company rich in tradition, our factories are contemporary with state-of-art production lines powerful in cutting-edge technology.

Resistance Welding Products, Consumable Materials & Equipments

From designing of related products to formulating and developing of their specialty alloys and including completing their manufacturing processes with high quality standards; we always work with our customers to produce the items that have exacting specifications. Our resistance welding products could be listed as spot welder cap tips & shanks, spot welding electrodes, bent and special electrodes, projection welding electrodes, flexible laminated shunts etc.

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HG Farley LaserLab is a world leader in the fields of High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting, Oxy Cutting, Laser Cutting, WaterJet Cutting and CNC Drilling & Milling Machines. It has been manufacturing and supplying CNC Laser & Plasma cutting machines to the world industry for over 30 years. Today, we have thousands of machines installed in over 30 countries.

High Definition CNC Plasma Cut, Oxygen Cut, Laser Cut, WaterJet Cut, CNC Drilling & Milling Machines

The machines we provide are products attributed to years of customer collaboration, research and development which contributes to the ongoing success of our realized projects. This is what makes our company a leader in laser & plasma cutting and drilling & milling machine tool technology. We have the best technicians and engineers in our operation field, very competent service technicians and diligent support engineers to help out our customers when in need.

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Green Agro Tech Co. is well known for its environmentally friendly products that employ biological controls such as pheromone lure and trap application based on pheromone compound synthesis technology and a wide range of insect traps. Other products we produce and offer are bumblebee pollination service for crop pollination and powerless ventilation systems.

Eco-Friendly Greenhouse & Open Field Plant Protection & Cultivation Systems

We are specialized in developing insect monitoring and mass trapping systems that use specific precise colour wavelengths and/or insect pheromones besides bumblebee pollination service. All insect colour & pheromone traps we design, develop and manufacture as a fully integrated research & development and production corporation are efficient and cost effective. They are simple and easy to use, non-toxic and harmless for human and highly attractive for target pests.

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