Our Focus, Business Development By Export

Our Focus, Business Development By Export

In addition to a detailed and comprehensive market research study for the products and services that your company is the manufacturer of, we are preparing a “Plan For Business Development By Export” in a proactive and realistic strategy line. Then; we identify potential customers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, applicators, users and all buyers in other formats, reach them and begin actual marketing and selling operations of your products and services.

As Lynx Global, within the scope of the plan for business development by export; for your products and services which have export potential and for your company, compared to the domestic and foreign competitors; we clarify; the advantageous aspects of the target markets, target customers, marketing and sales tactics, strategies to enter different geographies, possible distribution channels and their facilities and conditions and many other important factors; we alsoform the marketing and international pricing strategy based on our cost, profit, price and value analyses of your products and service and we plan and execute the whole process in an integrated manner.

While ing the target market within the scope of the plan for business development by export study, we conduct a detailed and meticulous market research on a sector-basis structure. During realizing the market research; we analyze in detail the following; demographic, social, economic and political structures, geographical locations of the target markets and industrial structure of the relevant sector in that geography (the production and consumption amounts of the products and services in the target export market and the number, qualifications, scales, competitiveness, capacities, competencies. etc. of the competing companies), besides the technological development level, usage status of products and services produced with this technology in related sectors and of course the needs and expectations of target customers of all scales.

Export; for the welfare and peace stability of people, companies and countries; is “absolutely necessary” on the way to achieve a sustainable and healthy economical growth and development. Our common focus with all our supplier partners is, export.

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