Regional Representation and Distribution Functions

Regional Representation and Distribution Functions

Lynx Global; that provides the regional representation and distribution functions of industrial companies and their products and services which are the leaders in global scale or have this potential; unlike the common representative structures which prefer to concentrate exclusively only on a particular product or service segment; it; in a global scale and by its representative activities in many fields through expanding its product and service range with a wide variety of types and brands; offers an integrated partnership structure in its product and service procurement solution partnership with the philosophy of “one point, multi solution”.

In a market region, as a relevant demand for any product or service can reach to our organization directly from the importer or from all other potential buyers including even the final consumers in that region; on the other hand; our supplier partners which are direct manufacturers and have intentions for export might also contact with us for establishing the cooperation which is required for introducing the products or services to field after determining them as which have potential in the mentioned market region.

As Lynx Global; while determining the products and services that we shall focus on regional representation and distribution processes; we analyze the performance of the related manufacturer supplier partner company with a detailed and meticulous approach in such aspects as; the corporate history, technological infrastructure, work flow qualifications in product and service realization, financial and physical equipments, quality and manufacturing competence, level of competitiveness, production capacity, after sales abilities and cost and process improvement skills.

When a representative leaves his expert identity aside and takes on the role of a curious student, buyers are much more willing to do business. That’s why every member of our team is always a professional with an amateur spirit.

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