About Us

About Us

The most important factor for a country’s economic development, progress and reaching to a strong position in its international relations is; manufacturing industry. A country with a developed manufacturing industry, as it has a say among other states, is considered as a guiding leader in world politics and economy as well. The progress of the manufacturing industry depends on the continuous development of the industrial sectors that forms itself; in a rational, balanced and sustainable manner.

The experiences of Lynx Global founders in various manufacturing industries through countless international industrial business realization operations had brought the idea of building up an organization as Lynx Global which could carry out long-term and successful cooperations in all its activities as; Domestic and Foreign Trade, Regional Representation and Distribution Functions, Regional or Global Marketing and Sales Operations, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Consultancy & Agency, Business Management Consultancy & STCFE Support while its main focus point to be Business Development with Export.

In this manner, it has become evident as the main function of Lynx Global that; making it possible especially for the small or medium-sized, direct manufacturer companies; showing presence at global markets that are more profitable than local opportunities through providing the production and export of qualified and value added products, entering different markets in effective and productive ways and enabling them to increase their market shares to ensure their global growth.

At the end, As Lynx Global; in a very wide geography, within the network of the strong and dynamic relationships that we have established in long years and have been constantly developing in more than a hundred countries on five continents and by operating in many industrial sectors with a rich variety of products and services; we, together with our contracted direct manufacturer, qualified supplier partners; always do our best on the basis of “win + win + win” cooperation philosophy with all our personnel, machinery, equipment and facility possibilities, knowledge, experience, vision, mind and heart to respond fully and accurately to countless expectations and needs of our all customers in various industrial sectors in all countries that allow us to provide cooperation.

We, Lynx Global people; with the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years, through being always one step ahead of our competitors and aware of our difference and responsibilities, by our contemporary and dynamic structure, as focusing on making major contributions to the development of exports in all of our partners’ countries; continue to lead in many industrial sectors successfully.

Aiming to be “the best” with our customer-oriented working strategy, paying due attention to our human resources, not forgetting that development is through sourcing, applying business ethics and honesty as our “absolutely necessary“ condition and being a global player who is rightfully proud of strenthening the economies of all his partners’ countries by export momentum; are our most basic principles.

Together with our countless supplier partners who are competitive, qualified, flexible and direct manufacturers, have many years of experience in the industrial sectors they specialized in and are preferred with trust and with our prestigious customers who are the leaders in their fields of activities; thanks to our cooperations and actions that we have realized on the basis of mutual goodwill; with our ideal of being a global leader in our field and our customer oriented business models which we have been continuously improving; today; we ensure successful collaborations in; automotive, home appliances, machinery & equipment, industrial consumables, metal processing & miscellaneous stamping tooling and injection moulding, electrical electronics & automation, textile, packaging, forestry, mining, energy, chemistry, agriculture & livestock, building & construction, health and in many other industrial sectors.

Our Principles

  • We always aim to be “the best” with our customer-oriented working strategy.
  • Our human resource is our most valuable asset.
  • We are aware that development is through sourcing.
  • Business ethics and honesty are our “absolutely necessary” principles.
  • We care about being a global player in the awareness of strengthening the economies of all our partners’ countries by export momentum.

Our Mission

To manage a strategic portfolio which has a competitive and sustainable growth potential, as the focus to be on business development with export and by generating value for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the first choice of our all customers and suppliers at our business fields in all countries we operate and of course; to be the first choice of our own people in every respect.

Our Culture and Values:

Our customers are our main focus.

It is our priority to produce value for our customers and to meet their expectations with competitiveness, quality and stability. It is our duty to be behind our products and services and to be together with our customers at after sales as well. 

Always being the best is our indispensable goal.

To be the best in competitiveness, quality, service, supply resources, customer relations, investment options offered with shareholders besides in all related processes and to maintain the qualified image we have in all the geographies we enter; is our main principle. For this purpose, it is our basic approach to take the necessary initiatives in the fields of activity and to be the market leader.

The most important value we have is our human resources.

The quality of our products and services depends on the quality of our people. It is the way we have chosen to ensure the continuity of our organization for generations; including the best staff and qualified human contribution to our team, getting the maximum benefit from our people’s talents, strength and productivity; increasing their effectiveness, supporting their development and maintaining a highly motivated working environment where cooperation and solidarity flourish.

It’s our goal to generate resources for continuous improvement.

To be able to make the necessary investments to ensure the continuity of our service, to provide the rightfull earnings, which are the results of the great efforts given, to all our people as the promotion of the combination of small and large savings, to help our team and society develop economically and socially, to generate resources from activities and not to compromise wasteful approaches by making certain of the wise use of all resources is our primary discipline.

It's our essence; not to compromise on business ethics and honest working principles.

To be fair in all our relationships, in order to provide mutual equitable benefits, acting in good faith and understanding in comply with laws and ethical rules is our permanent principle. It is our duty to fulfill our responsibilities towards today’s people and future generations, to act with the awareness of protecting nature and human rights of life and to spread this awareness.

Our Continuous Innovation Policy

Sustainable innovation from idea to delivery,in our consideration as Lynx Global; for us, for our customers and of course for our supplier partners; is one of the keys to competition and quality continuity and an indispensable tool for stability in success. We come across with continuous innovation at many different areas that make our lives easier, protect the environment and serve the society.

The valuable R&D efforts provided by our customers, by our supplier partners and of course by our team with the support of rapidly developing technology and as a result of their meticulous work carried out all together in this field; our various marginal products and services including the advantages they provide, which are the fruits of our actions for continuous innovation, get the share they deserve in the target markets wherever they are offered.

As Lynx Global, to develop our continuous innovation approach in ordinary basis, which focuses on subjects like; use of renewable energy sources, production optimizations, active use of recycled materials, continuing education, resource and energy saving; we work with all our strength together with our customers and supplier partners.

Our R&D Policy

Our supplier partners who maintain their leadership in the sectors they operate with their products and services that stand out with their superiority over the competitors and with the technologies they have and in addition to their constantly renewed and evolving equipments, at every opportunity they give priority for investment to develop the technology competition level of their facilities and allocate more budget and manpower for their R&D studies.

In this way, not just our supplier partners, also our organization and customers all together and simultaneously can achieve the aimed production, productivity, quality and supply costs together with fast and effective technical improvements and can supply or procure more environmentally friendly, functional and economical products.

As Lynx Global; with our supplier partners who can develop products and services on the basis of customer-oriented tailor-made solutions; by prioritizing the concepts of innovation, customer satisfaction and cost improvement; we have together adopted to maintain a continuous and integrated R&D culture in a productive manner to always develop better products and more effective solutions.

Our Quality Assurance Policy

Our quality assurance policy is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to manage customer feedback effectively, to provide a more flexible and competitive procurement of products and services with the efficient use of resources by eliminating transactions that do not produce value and to establish a quality management system aimed at continuous improvement for the products and services we provide.

For this purpose; we manage our activities which are at the directions; to provide the documentation of all our processes to meet the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 standard; that we’re about to complete our certificating process; including the documentation, authentication and continuous improvement, to achieve organization and unit targets within the team spirit based on the philosophy of total quality, to review our business processes through self-evaluation to determinate the preventive approaches to improve our performance, to keep the efficiency of all our processes to a grade that can compete at the international level in line with the continuous improvement approach, to encourage innovative and productive approaches, to train for increasing technical and behavioral competencies; in an integrated manner with environment and occupational health & safety management systems and we work with all our strenght for being an exemplary organization with our leadership in terms of quality in all industrial sectors in which we operate.

Also, in all our processes, we are focused; to be a reliable and sought-after solution partner for our customers and supplier partners in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of them, to closely follow and implement technological developments to reduce costs and increase profitability, to increase the level of quality by giving importance to team work so that all our people become more competent individuals who can use their talents at the highest level within the framework of quality systems, to establish quality awareness in all our people, to produce the most appropriate, most accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way to prevent any incompatibilities that may arise later, to be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we are in and to contribute to the economies and industrial sectors of the countries in which we operate by constantly improving our business volume and we always do our best in this direction.

Our Competitiveness Policy

Competitiveness is a set of institutions, strategies and factors that all together determine the economic performance of organizations, companies, sectors and countries. As Lynx Global, we frequently provide competitiveness analyses, comparisons, scenarios, assessments, reports on a case based system and consequently, we design specific master plans on boosting competitiveness of our customers, our organization and our supplier partners. 

Our competitiveness development toolkit is a successful concept that includes well-established approaches with detailed technical analyses on subject products and services, rigorous control and improvement procedures on material and process costs and efficient purchasing and supply chain management strategies which are all together smoothly synchronized in our organization’s own competitiveness performance methodology that is forged to perfection through countless case experiences since our first piece of work and today still continues to improve as a fact of its nature.

Our competitiveness policy focuses on understanding the known and potential competitive advantage points of the subject products and services of our customers and our supplier partners with their corporate skills and resources which is critical for the design and implementation of the successful competitiveness strategies that their competitors cannot applicate with equal competency and competitivity. Then our focus slides to maintain the achieved competitive superiorities sustainable and enduring in the fierce market forces and uncertainty against any type and size of competition and environmental deterioration. All are depended to the right analyses of our customers, our supplier partners, subject products & services and of course understanding the needs and expectations of all relateds edge to edge with all aspects of the social and geographical factors correctly.

The companies, which design and manufacture the products and services with unique functions and different abilities, are the institutions which surface fresh competitive advantage points. On the other hand, the cost advantages and flexibity in work flow aspects provided by the companies for the products and services which are already common and ordinary, provides hints about how to maintain the competitiveness alive. In other words; introducing the unique and different products and services to the markets by defining the conditions of business against the future competitors or introducing the common and ordinary products and services by competing against the conditions of business already defined by the market in a more effective way. We are with our customers and our supplier partners for both methods since finding an idea till the end of the product life in market.

Our Sustainability and Environmental Policy

As Lynx Global; with our technology goal for ecological balance, all our supplier partners’ employees and our team members together, within the framework of national and international legal legislations and regulations; we aim for a sustainable and green life for future generations. With the environmental management systems which take continuous improvement and development as basis and use advanced technologies, our supplier partners produce their products and services in a healthy way for nature and people by environmentally friendly production systems.

Transferring a clean and healthy environment which is sensitive to climate change to future generations is a priority for our customers, our organization and for our supplier partners. Efficient use of energy and natural resources, reducing negative environmental impacts in all processes from the design stage to the end of the life of products and services, prevention of possible pollution at its source, prioritizing climate change and sustainability in all activities are all very important for us.

With the integrity of our customers, our organization and our supplier partners; by managing our activities in the direction of increasing the environmental awareness of our team members and society as integrated with quality, energy, occupational health & safety management systems; we work with all our heart and strenght to become an exemplary organization with our environmental leadership in the industrial sectors we operate.

Our Organization Social Responsibility Policy

As Lynx Global; we draw the course of all our activities within the framework of our respect for people, environment and life and direct all our works with our responsibility to use the resources in productive manners which all are offered to us in nature. Performing works that add value to the economies of the countries in which we operate and making sustainable contribution to the society, together, form the basis of our organization social responsibility policy.

While doing our duties in order to make a difference, we wish, all our efforts one day go beyond the “social responsibility” approach and becomes a happy routine of all of our lives. Every year, in addition to the institutions, regions and associations that we constantly support, by choosing institutions that deal with different issues that we believe are the top priority and need more support, we strive to extend our efforts to a broad audience as much as possible on behalf of social responsibility.

Our Human Resources

As Lynx Global, we believe with all our heart that; our success, difference and dignity are the work of our people. Our organization values and respects to all differences with the awareness that a workforce structure that combines different cultures forms the most efficient work team.

As the team members of Lynx Global, with a deep technical knowledge, education, vision and more than 150 years of experience in total in many industry sectors, on; research and development of export markets, regional representation and distribution, national and international marketing and sales, purchasing and supply chain installation and management, improving procurement processes and costs and developing suppliers, setup and management of wholesaler-distributor-dealer-customer network, international trade and logistics systems & applications and on a wide range and variety of manufacturing fields; we are with you with the awareness and responsibility that we are the “competent team” required for your company to reach its goals.

Our working model is a simple and clear structure. On the basis of a lean business systematic, we achieve the objectives with the aimed qualifications at the lowest possible costs on an action flow analytics that is sure of its sustainability. 

Lynx Global, to be successfull in the new markets, together with its customers and supplier partners, works with a dynamic team that understands their needs and knows their culture. As an organization that operates in global scale, it sees all the citizens of a country as potential customers.

In Lynx Global, as a family, we believe that “None of us can make a progress alone as much as we can all together”. In a solid and deep-rooted organization culture, held together with the team concept; we are a family focused on people and success.

We value that; our team members, as our most important asset, are focused on the concepts;

Adopted business ethics and honesty as basic principles,
Having self-confidence and initiative competence,
Dynamic and in a continuous development effort,
Aware of the importance of team spirit and solidarity,
Embracing to be more than expected from his/her position or duty,
Has a visionary perspective,
Focused on the satisfaction of our customers and supplier partners

In order to achieve all mentioned above for each of our team members and keep sustainable in healthy conditions;

We prioritize the motivation of our people and their commitment to our institution.
We implement a performance-based and fair earning and reward system.
We provide continuing education and self-development environment with all necessary facilities.
We make manpower planning and organizational backups.
We enable individuals to plan and develop their careers systematically in line with the needs of our organization.
We give feedback to individuals about their performance and always guide them to be team players.
We periodically apply our 360 degree evaluation surveys for the stability of full dedication and engagement to our organization, then; review, evaluate and consider as solid basics for relevant decisions without compromising the principle of “merit is essential”.
We enlarge our organization as simultaneously developing it in accordance with the qualifications and needs.
We encourage social and cultural events.

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