Test Run

Test Run

TEST RUN: Try A Unique Cooperation Experience with Lynx Global As Free of Charge

Lynx Global Test Run is a simple and enjoyable process. There is no cost or contract and we provide our work in a completely open and transparent service structure. From the smallest volume of any product or service to the largest ones and you make the choice of cooperation structure and subject to focus on.

Test Run is a solid opportunity for you to transparently see how we work with our customers and supplier partners and the best way to experience the same benefits. It’s a chance for our organization to demonstrate you the savings and gainings that you can obtain through cooperating with us and a risk-free way for your company to understand the benefits of having the professional partnership of our agile team and finally a completely free of charge operation that we provide in an open and transparent manner, even without any obligations to make a contract.

Every single Test Run is a challenge for our agile team, that begins with our receiving the detailed informations regarding the business unit to define the way of function, the industrial sector to understand the field of activity with its related needs and expectations and finally the products and services subject to the Test Run to focus on the targets in the supply chain management, with purchasing and procurement operations side or in the business development, with marketing and sales operations side.

This challenge is our passion. It’s the motivation charging us to focus and take action. It’s the energy source for our agility at work. There’s nothing to lose for your company by taking a Test Run and there are a lot of savings and gainings could be obtained on the other hand. Test Run has been transformed into a smart and useful advertisement by our organization that is successfully spotlighting the savings and gainings we have been realizing for our customers and supplier partners in key industries that they have been operating in.

Your experiencing the Test Run model which is related to our business unit that is the suitable one for your company’s needs and goals; is essentially the most successful method for us to explain the qualities and requirements of our works that have been enabling our countless partners to achieve serious amounts of earnings and also which are based on our focus on the motive of continuous improvement.

You will witness in our Test Run that you will experience with us; we always provide an approach on the basis of our philosophy of cooperation which is “win + win + win” in all our cooperation models; without any limitations on any type of materials or activities regarding the relevant raw materials, semi-finished products and any product or service inputs and outputs.

As the result of our Test Run works made on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Consultancy & Agency, which is one of our related business units; earnings are obtained generally quite quickly and beyond expectations in matters of the realizations of serious savings at your purchasing and procurement costs that have an important share in your budget and again in matters of the optimizations of your related processes.

Competition today; essentially, it has become an experience not across companies but across their supply chains. The closer you cooperate with us, the more savings we can provide for your company. With access to category leaders in almost every product and service classes, we can recommend your company qualified and competitive, direct manufacturer suppliers for all of your needs.

In addition to this; also as the result of our Test Run works made on Business Development By Export, Domestic and Foreign Trade, Regional Representation and Distribution Functions, Regional or Global Marketing and Sales Operations; the aimed earnings, improvements and developments are almost always achieved in reasonable lead times and again with a success above the expected levels.

Related to the fact that; our Test Run works are providing these encouraging earnings; our potential partners make decisions immediately and without any hesitations towards starting long-term and larger budget cooperations with us related to many materials and services and even on our multiple business units; and this provides the growth of the trust for our organization on the basis of verificated experiences, in a solid manner and in all industrial sectors and geographies in which we operate.

As the result of the Test Run; once we’ve delivered considerable amount of savings and gainings through our successfull cooperations in our related business units to our customers and supplier partners, we always experience that; they insist on continuing the already started cooperation with the officially contracted full version of it including the improvement and development services we provide for their supply chain management and business development operations. This is how most of our customers and supplier partners begin their relationship with us.

As we have notified; you can try our cooperation opportunities on any one or more of our business units that we can offer to you; as free of charge, in a transparent manner and without any risk.

Let us begin Test Run;
Indicate the cooperation model that your company needs among our business units, your relevant industrial sector and products & services that will be the subject of our Test Run,
For example, as any one of the following;
Business Unit: Business Development By Export
Industrial Sector: Home Appliances
Products & Services: Plastic Injection Moulds & Plastic Injection Parts
Business Unit: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Consultancy & Agency
Industrial Sector: Automotive
Products & Services: Sheet Metal Stamping Progressive Tools
Business Unit: Business Management Consultancy and STCF Analyzes & Executions
Industrial Sector: Chemicals
Products & Services: Plant Protection Products, Agricultural Chemical Pesticides 
Business Unit: Regional or Global Marketing and Sales Operations
Industrial Sector: Mining
Products & Services: Cutter, Abrasive Consumables
Business Unit: Domestic and Foreign Trade 
Industrial Sector: Personal Care & Hygiene
Products & Services: Aluminum, Plastic & Laminated Tubes

Business Unit: Regional Representation and Distribution Functions
Industrial Sector: Packaging
Products & Services: Multi Layered Laminate Surfaces
We obtain all the technical specifications, materials and other relevant details from you which will be required for our Test Run study that we shall realize together, on the basis of mutual confidentiality agreement we shall sign during our related project kick off meeting,

Then, we shall complete our comprehensive and meticulous studies and share all the details with you in transparency,

Finally, let’s compare together and in detail; the possibilities and conditions you currently have plus your expectations and plans; against the results of our professional studies,

If you are as well satisfied with the results; as the first step on the road to obtaining the aimed savings and gainings and taking the necessary actions, let’s mutually sign our related cooperation contract and together begin to perform these achievements which are yet grounded in theory.

Each of our clients and our supplier partners has its own original needs and that’s why as Lynx Global; we develop “specific to company & case” business solutions to keep the costs and profit margins of our clients and our supplier partners under control and in the trend of continuous improvement.

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