Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Consultancy & Agency

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Consultancy & Agency

Sustainability of success in a profitable business management is possible by means of determining the correct purchasing and supply chain management strategies that can keep costs under control while ensuring quality stability and applicating them with certain discipline manners. In the markets, reaching to the right procurement points for target products and services with the best price levels brings a sound control over costs besides helping you save more on your budget. 

However; to research and find these competitive, qualified, fast, flexible and sustainable optimum procurement possibilities and provide the complete, control and follow up of all of the related processes as “from a to z” and maintaining them productive and dynamic by the means of continuous improvement and benchmarking applications; requires; a strict expertise for each field of target products and services, a serious and detailed workload and a significant amount of time.

At this point, We, Lynx Global, as your solution partner you need, are with you with the awareness that our job is to plan and execute all necessary processes from a to z in order to ensure that your budget is evaluated in the best way with the highest savings and by the right procurement possibilities and conditions. 

Since our first contact with you, we begin our work by understanding your company, you, your needs and expectations, your business, your processes, your products and services with your guidance and initiative. We analyze your current procurement structure, your budget targets and actual costs, your spending and saving approaches and all other required details together with you.

Thanks to our experience and expertise in your industrial sector; by quickly planning the cost improvement benchmark applications that we can realize in the competitive business environment we are in, and compare them with your current procurement costs, possibilities and conditions in complete transparency with your approval and perform them all again together with you.

Together with you, we are building better purchasing and supply chain management strategies and towards these strategies; a better procurement structure, for your company. As a natural part of this process; we find the right suppliers for you and negotiate with them again for you on the basis of professional analyses with detailed and meticulous seriousness as ensuring sustainable best price levels, required quality, lead times and all other conditions with stability. 

We carry out these negotiation processes in the same structure with your existing suppliers as well and at this point, we guide them in necessary details about making it certain that they will provide the best support they can. Of course, during these works, we provide you all our transparent and up-to-date informations by our required reports.

We do not delay the performance tracking of various improvements either. We carefully monitor and report monthly the unit prices, purchase quantities, cost improvements, total turnover values of the procurement processes that we shall provide both from your current suppliers as well as your new suppliers.

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