Business Management Consultancy and STCF Analyzes & Executions

Business Management Consultancy and STCF Analyzes & Executions

Business Management Consultancy and STCF (Strategic, Technical, Commercial, Financial) Analyzes & Executions

Higher quality products, fast changing customer needs and increasing operational costs.

Increasing technical capability and providing customer satisfaction while growing with profitability.

Technical Enhancements

As Lynx Global, we analyse production elements such as infrastructure, automation, productivity and standardisation, OEE and rate of waste. Then we define and state the actions to be taken with our customer. In the light of these technical actions, we make arrangements compatible with the growth projection of the company.  We provide standard and productive optimizations to decrease the internal process costs.

Commercial Due Diligence

We calculate real production costs (machine / hour rates) of your company so that you can see and consider the profit & loss balance for every single piece in your product range. Besides, we clarify your company’s place in the industry by comparing your company with your competitors.


With all these analyses and reports, we provide a full picture of your company. Enhancement actions help you to decrease your costs and increase your profitability.  Our team make sure that all actions are taken correctly on scheduled time.

Next steps

Implementation of the secondary actions,
Working on institutionalization,
Strategic planning for medium and long terms,
Following and controlling the determined strategic plans,
Providing cooperation on sales and marketing.

At beginning of the 20th century, average company lifespan used to be described with “decades”. But today this average lifespan is realized generally under 10 years. You can increase your company’s lifespan by reviewing the processes and preventing the problems before they happen.

Technical Analysis and Enhancement

As Lynx Global Strategy and Management Consultancy Team, we help you in;

Enhancing your company’s operational effectiveness and productivity,
Using your resources with optimum profit,
Providing high quality products and services meeting your clients’ requirements.

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