Open Pit and Underground Mining Machinery, Equipments & Consumables

Open Pit and Underground Mining Machinery, Equipments & Consumables

As Lynx Global; in a very wide geography, within the network of the strong and dynamic relationships that we have established in long years and have been constantly developing in more than a hundred countries on five continents and by operating in many industrial sectors with a rich variety of products and services; we, together with our contracted direct manufacturer, qualified supplier partners; always do our best on the basis of “win + win + win” cooperation philosophy with all our personnel, machinery, equipment and facility possibilities, knowledge, experience, vision, mind and heart to respond fully and accurately to countless expectations and needs of our all customers in various industrial sectors in all countries that allow us to provide cooperation.
In this context, as Lynx Global & Its Supplier Partners Group; in the form of a body of expert competents equipped with advanced facilities where we work together like a single organization in a complete discipline of integration and a solid, intertwined structure in our every single project and every operation of our projects without exception; here, we present to you transparently and elaborately; our knowledge, experience, vision and all kinds of physical and other equipments, abilities and competencies and the sum and all relevant details of them regarding all the possibilities and capabilities which we all have together as one in total in this product + service class.

Our organization is in extensive cooperation with globally recognized brands of open pit and underground mining machinery, equipment and consumables manufacturers. We offer quality, fast and economical solutions to the mining industry with our wide range of products and we serve with a result-oriented and dynamic team in an agile operation structure and on a strong communication basis. We work for you 24/7 with our investigative vision and our holistic and detailed supply chain partnership strategies that were born as a result of many years of education, knowledge and experience in the mining industry which is incorporating a large number of qualified brands.
Our organization carries out the regional consultancy, marketing, sales and supply partnership of many foreign companies which are internationally recognized manufacturers and of course their related products and brands. Our team performs all necessary supply operations devotedly and as exactly on the basis of the specifications you demand for all your machinery, equipment and consumables needs from A to Z in open pit and underground mining, directly from manufacturing companies that set standards and always provide qualified and economical products.

For all the machinery, equipment and consumables you will need in the open pit and underground mining fields, with our wide range of products for all open pit and underground work areas such as mine fields, ore mines, ore stockpiles etc., together with our globally preferred, experienced and system expert partners, we are at your service to produce customized solutions for you.
Our fast and result-oriented procurement services and our efficient, productive and solution-oriented service understanding that we perform in open pit and underground mining machinery, equipment and consumables where we carry out marketing, sales and supply processes all over the world together with our partners who are the leading and experienced ones in their fields; are the leading ones of the reasons why we are preferred.

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